The following are service opportunities to participate in the life, worship, and outreach initiatives of Faith. To get more information or sign up, email the church office.

Sunday Worship Volunteers

  • Acolyte - The acolyte leads the procession at the start and end of the church service and is in charge of lighting and extinguishing the candles necessary for the church service. May assist with communion as needed.

  • Crucifer - The crucifer will carry the cross to the front of the church at the beginning of the church service and then carry the cross out of the sanctuary at the end of the church service.

  • Worship Assistant - The worship assistant will participate in the procession/recession with pastor, read Scripture, deliver the offering and post-communion prayer, distribute, communion elements during communion, and recite the Dismissal statement.

  • Altar Guild - A member of the altar guild will prepare communion elements for the church service as well as place the flowers and communion elements on the altar prior to the church service beginning and will remove and clean these items after the church service.

  • Usher - The usher will pass the offering plate and/or present the offering plate afterwards to the pastor at the front of the church as well as guide people to communion elements and assist at other times as needed.

  • Greeter - The greeter will stand at the door to the building and welcome everyone coming to worship that day as well as guide them where to go and provide them with a worship bulletin for the service and encourage guests to sign the guest register.

  • Nursery -The nursery volunteer will be available for any children under the age of 3 during Sunday School time and any children who would like to attend during the worship service time.

  • Fellowship Refreshments - The volunteer will prepare coffee, hot water, snacks, cups, and plates to be available after worship service and if able to during Sunday School time and will clean up afterwards.

  • Audio/Visual Technology - The volunteer will assist with the sound board during service and/or the livestreaming of the worship service.

Outreach Opportunities

  • Center for Lay Ministry (CLM) Food Bank - Faith Lutheran supports this ministry with food items as need arises. Their biggest need is for volunteers to help. They are open six days a week and need two shifts per day. Volunteering even one day per month would be helpful.

  • Loaves & Fishes - This is a community kitchen in one of the downtown churches, serving every Saturday throughout the year. It is sponsored by many local churches and other philanthropic groups throughout the community. Faith Lutheran usually sponsors and serves several Saturdays throughout the year.

Parish Social Life

  • Parish Life and Outreach Team (PLOT) - This group includes the entire congregation and hosts several social events each year as specific fundraising is need.

  • WELCA -Women of the ELCA (WELCA) is open to any and all women of the congregation.

  • Older Wiser Lutherans (OWLs) is comprised of congregation members 50+ and usually meet spring/summer months for social events and do a fundraiser.

  • Church Library - Faith has a small library that needs to be cataloged and updated. No library experience necessary, training will be provided.