Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission Statement

"Faithful Lutherans Sent by Christ to Serve God's Children"

Core Values

As a Christ-centered community shaped by God's grace, we value the following:

  • Faith and faithfulness

  • Forgiveness

  • Tradition as well as change

  • Bible-based teaching and preaching

  • Hard work

Our ideal core values are further defined as follows:

I. Life together in our Faith family

    1. Our Faith family relates to one another with:

      • Inclusiveness/ acceptance/ celebration of differences

      • Friendship/caring/ Christian love

      • Honesty and integrity

    2. We nurture our Faith family by:

      • Supporting the needs of all

      • Working and learning together

      • Being good stewards of our facility and resources

      • Including fellowship and fun

II. Life beyond our Faith family

  1. We relate to non-members with

    • Friendliness and caring

    • Honesty and integrity

  2. We serve non-members of our faith family through:

    • Community service

    • Commitment to missions

    • Sharing our facility and resources

    • Response to crisis needs

    • Educational outreach

Vision and Goals

  • Proactive evangelism

  • Proactive stewardship

  • Identify and cultivate leaders

  • Continue and expand Christian educational opportunities

  • Develop service programs/activities/projects for K-5, youth, young adults, OWLS (Older Wiser Lutheran Society) and NYT (not yet there) OWLS

  • Strengthen our sense of community